On Equal Ground
Provincetown, Massachussets
Photographs from an Artists' Community
at the Tip of Cape Cod
By Norma Holt


who grew up in Provincetown, established a reputation early on as a serious painter. Ditacchio first exhibited work with somber overtones, like stark silhouettes of buildings and telephone poles, but while studying at Yale, she began to explore increasingly more conceptual work-large, richly colored paintings rooted in the landscape. Many of these are multiple panels painted with intricate modulations of color (as in the blue, green, white and black of Above) which move horizontally or vertically across the canvas suggesting the changeability of air, water and light. Ditacchio resides in Brooklyn and exhibits her work there and in Boston, Provincetown and Charlottesville, VA


Introduction by Sue Harrison
Preface by Elanor Munroe
Essay by Ann Wilson Lloyd
Artists' Biographies by Pamela Mandell
Provincetown Art Association and Museum

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