SUBJECT: Jennifer Ditacchio at Bangs Street Gallery
Opening Reception Friday June 30, 2000 7-10pm

Jennifer Ditacchio was raised in the light filled landscape of Provincetown. The town's Beauty and history have had a longstanding influence on her painting.
Ditacchio's recent work continues with an exploration into the abstract landscape. In this series of diptychs, issues of balance, proportion and structure come to the fore. Units parsing and segmenting the picture plane give way to open spaces yielding a quiet yet effusive landscape.
The paintings delicate and at times filmic surfaces are mitigated by structures reminiscent of windows, bars and the more formal imposition of the grid. Furthering this exploration, Ditacchio has included a sculptural piece in this show which depicts these issues of balance in a more tactile manner. Inspired by a passage from Homer's Odyssey, "Styx" is a large piece containing a printed swath of fabric supported by a sparse wooden frame. The continuous loop of printed waves is held by the grid of the racks in a way reminiscent of the paintings but with an altogether different delivery.
The exhibition will run from June 30th to July 17th.

The Bangs Street Gallery is located at 432 Commercial Street in Provincetown Mass.