PRESS RELEASE: July 7th, 1999
SUBJECT:Jennifer Ditacchio at Bangs Street Gallery
Opening Reception Friday July16,1999 7-10pm

The Bangs Street Gallery will open a show featuring the work of painter Jennifer Ditacchio on Friday, July 16th from 7 to 10 pm. Ditacchio grew up in Provincetown where the light and landscape had an early influence on her work. The abstract paintings in this show are reflections on space, time and light as experienced through the metaphor of the landscape. They are spare images with a rich accumulation of color and a delicacy of the painting surface. Their minimal nature allows them to hover between an open abstract space and the familiar space of our surroundings. The exhibition will run from July 16th to August 5th.

The Bangs Street Gallery is located at 432 Commercial Street in Provincetown Mass.