Installation in the Yale University Art and Architecture Library, New Haven Connecticut, 1997.

View from below showing library stacks, work tables and one lone reader to the right,
which gives an idea of the scale). The French Voille fabric that I selected is quite sheer and its light permeable nature contributed to a great range of changeability throughout the day and into the evening. Large elevated windows (to the right and front of the building) let in natural light during the day and brought constant change in the appearance and impact of this piece. Incandescent lights from above, in the evenings, highlighted different areas in the prints and added a warming glow to the spaces below. While adding a soft element to the angularity of this Paul Rudolph building could appear as antithetical to his vision, I feel that this piece actually complimented the severity of his structure and accentuated the flow within the space.
The whole piece was installed and removed with zero impact to the building as I utilized the beams and structures to affix the panels. Relief print on fabric, wooden dowels and string.
Each swath of fabric 10ft wide by approximately 30ft long.