Notes From Provincetown

by C. Fox

As another summer season winds down here, one of the last solo exhibitions is the work of 27 year old Michael Landis who has lived year round in Provincetown for several years with painter Jennifer Ditacchio.
Both artists are represented here by Matrix Gallery. Earlier this summer, Ms. Ditacchio had a solo show of heavily painted oil and wax paintings of trees, lines of utility poles and houses, all framed with actual window frames. However the strongest work of hers to be seen this summer was in the "Anarchy" exhibition and auction at the "Hippy House Gallery" on Commercial street along with other local young luminaries of the local scene. These fine paintings shown without frames, seemed clear and more authoritative.

Ms. Ditacchio and Mr. Landis are among a small nucleus of serious young artists who live in Provincetown year-round and whose very presence raises the standard of excellence for every artist practicing here. Unfortunately, support from old, more established artists, their audiences and collectors comes slowly, and until it does this youthful group will continue to mature and grow, and we who watch will continue to be nourished by them.